Monday, October 2, 2017

Las Vegas Shooting

Back and forth
Forth and back
Words of rights
Rights of a nation
A nation enraged
By the act of one
And one, and one
And onea series of one
A vacuum of one.
The One.
The One with the Gun
Firing on innocent people.
Las Vegas ShootingNo, it is not the gun,
They say.
It is the person,
They say.
It is the person.
Who lacks care or knowledge
Of the mental illness
That plagues the One -
That HAS to plague the One -
Who opens fire on the fragile flesh
Of fellow Ones.
It’s not the guns they say
Then fix the problem.
Fund the one.
All of the ones.
Adequately with healthcare
And demand
Mental evaluation
To those who carry one.
Or take them away.
For it is the right of no One

To take another.\

             -- Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Cast Away

Cast Away
Forced labor
Steven Pinotti and Cast AwayTransit
Way stations

Certain Death
In an uncertain world

A people cast away
Washed away, wished away
Gone, because others didn’t see
Blinded by a reality
To dark to witness
In a blackness
Darker than night
In a reign returned

Forgotten again no more.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti
Ho chi minh
Dien Bien Phu
New Republic
Old dreams
Another Shelley tale
On a stormy summer night
Mary that is
In the rain
Has the story repeated?
Rhetorical question
Another Saigon
Or was it Kabul?


Friday, September 15, 2017

Let Freedom Ring

First formed freedoms
Freedom Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti D.A., DA
Found on shores
Not theirs

Stolen freedom - abducted from the land
Besieged from a foreign people
Then native
Still native

Foreign now native
Unrestrained - liberated - aggregated
Agitated that they want freedom too.

"pled guilty", felony, arrested, district attorney, former superintendent

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Freedom Lost

Human rights watch
convicted guilty
As time ticks away
Broken promises on the backs of children
Forced labor
Misnomer at best
For what know they
Of freedom found
Of freedom found
And what know we
Of life, liberty and the freedom
Guaranteed by our forefathers
But so easily taken away.
                     -- Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti

Guilty, convicted, D.A., Riebe, Amador County

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Poems by Elizabeth Chapin-PinottiAffliction, agony, anguish
Deceit, deception, despair
Grief, heartache, torture
Wretchedness sans repair

Suffer not the consequences
Of the world you make
Martyr not your Brutus
Sprawled on wooden stake

Omnipotent, dynamic, forceful
Precursor, piety, greed
Of all the gold in Africa
Of all the lives in need

Call off the Druks
Cast guns aside
Uncross the path
Where worlds collide

Hold hope to heart
Give feed to birth
Give chance to life
Give all their worth.
               -- Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

weapons for the strong

nonviolence is a weapon for the strong 
gathering on high – gathering on low
forced from and to away from conflict
mired by strife yet victorious
Stoic in responsive passion of
breaths not taken and life unlived
though living prevails through discord.

feed not on the grains of humanity’s blood
seek not for ends of means for aggression gain
dispassionate and humble spirit rise loud
to oblivious voices of reckless leaders
distant to the call of the oppressed masses
clustering…cloistering for the weapon of the strong
                                -- Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti

Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti